Open access : let's fight preconceived ideas!

Preconceived ideas are sometimes an obstacle to the practice of open access to publications.

This is why the University of Lyon Open Science working group has worked on a set of 6 posters dealing with these preconceived ideas, in the form of a dialogue between researchers, illustrated by a comic strip artist from Lyon. These posters are all freely accessible on HAL:

Poster n°1 : "L'open access ? Je maîtrise!"

Poster n°2 : "Publier en open access, ce n'est pas sérieux!"

Poster n°3 : "L'open access, les éditeurs sont contre!"

Poster n°4 : "L'open access facilite le plagiat"

Poster n° 5 : "L'open access, c'est la mort de l'édition"

Poster n°6 : "L'open access, ce n'est pas pour moi!"

HAL is also the subject of preconceived ideas; however, the CCSD has made a lot of changes to HAL these last years, to make the archiving simpler and faster. Click on one of the preconceived ideas below to see why it is unfounded!

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