Open science: ask for the Centrale Lyon handbook!

How can I disseminate my article in open access? What is the interest in doing so? Why and how can I manage my research data? When should I open it? What does Centrale Lyon recommend? Who should I contact for help?

To provide answers to these questions (and many others), a working group has been set up with the objective of developing a handbook for Centrale Lyon researchers.

This working group brought together :

  • The Michel Serres library (Nicolas Jardin et Clarisse Marandin),
  • The Partnership, research and development department (Elisabeth Dalverny, Bénédicte Martin et Véronique Mérat),
  • Centrale Innovation (Sylvie Rault),
  • The Direction of research (Jean-Pierre Bertoglio),
  • Benoît Pier (LMFA), member of the Publications college of the Committee for Open Science.

The handbook has been formatted by Bruno Sauvé (from the Direction of Communication).

It has three major objectives:

Initiate a reflection on the implementation of an institutional policy in favor of open science, by setting several objectives, listed in the editorial.

To provide practical answers to the questions that researchers may ask themselves about open science, which is increasingly being promoted by research supervisors and funders (MESRI, CNRS, ANR, EU, etc.).

Enable researchers to identify useful resources : online resources, but also human resources to support researchers at Centrale Lyon: library, SPRV, Centrale Innovation, etc.