Since 2006, the library has offered training in the research of scientific information to the different audiences of the École, which have been gradually integrated into the curricula.

The objectives of these trainings are to:

  • research, evaluate and validate scientific and technological information
  • establish an information watch strategy
  • manage bibliographic references and use them in one's works
  • spread information while respecting copyright

Please find the training materials made by the trainers.

We systematically train engineering students in their first year and answer the specific needs of the second (Par) and third (MOS 4.4) year students or also engineering trainee students (“en alternance”). We also work with Master’s programs (Master NSE, Master Programme IDEA). Trainings are offered upon request to PhD students, to the laboratories and to the whole of the École Centrale de Lyon.

You may also make an appointment at any time with a trainer for help tailored to your needs