Definition and goals

Open science is the movement to make publicly funded research publications and data accessible to all, without delay or payment.

More generally, open science refers to all scientific practices that promote the sharing, transparency and reuse of research throughout its life cycle: citizen science, open research notebooks, open data, open source, open access to publications, open peer review, open educational resources, etc.

Composantes de la science ouverte
What is open science ? - FOSTER

This principle of openness in research is advocated at both national and European level :

Open science aims to :

Improve the effectiveness of the research system by reducing duplication and enabling reuse of data.

Promote research integrity by offering a wider evaluation by the scientific community, enabling better reproducibility of research outcomes and early identification of scientific fraud or errors.

Strengthen citizen confidence and engagement in science.

Facilitate international collaborations to foster innovation and provide answers to contemporary societal challenges.

The issues of open science
The issues of open science - GTSO Couperin