Presentation of our training courses

Since its inauguration in 2006 the library has been training students (from 1st year to PhD) to give them the knowledge and skills they need to master in an informational world : how to identify and define their information needs, how to perform an effective search, how to evaluate the results of their search with a critical eye,  how to reuse the information to produce new results...

Key figures 2018-2019

Library training courses
  • 4 trainers

  • 110h hours of training

  • 700 people trained

What do we train for ?

A quoi formons-nous?

Who do we train ?

  • All first-year students
  • Second-year students enrolled in PAr
  • Third-year students enrolled in MOS4.4
  • Students in their first year of work-study (ECL and ECAM)
  • Master of Nanoscale Engineering students
  • "French as a foreign language" students
  • PhD students
  • Researchers

Our training methods and tools

For several years now we have been working to make our training courses as interactive and fun as possible, using different teaching methods and tools :

  • Serious games (for example on the scientific publication circuit), pedagogical escape games...
  • Online quizz (with Kahoot)
  • Voting keypads in amphitheatre (with Turning Point)
  • Videos
  • Inverted pedagogy...