Why archive in HAL?

Since 2006, the Michel Serres Library has been promoting the use of the national open archive HAL by the Centrale Lyon scientific community.

The archiving of scientific publications in HAL offers several advantages for researchers:

Visibility: HAL is very well referenced by the major search engines (Google and Google Scholar for example).

Impact of publications: an open access article is more read and on average more cited than an article only available in a subscription journal.

Interconnection with global databases (such as arXiv or PubMed) for even wider dissemination.

Time stamping and archiving: copyright guaranteed; permanent archiving thanks to the CINES.

Online services: lists of publications, statistics, researcher ID, online CVs...

HAL is sometimes the subject of preconceived ideas on its interface, its functionalities, the time it takes to archive an article, plagiarism, impossibility of subsequently publishing an article in a journal...

These preconceived ideas are most of the time unfounded. We tell you why on this page.