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Engineering students: deposit and distribute your works

The library gives added value to engineering student works by distributing them to the Centrale community via its catalog:

  • Projets d’Étude (PE) (1st year student works), from 2010 onwards
  • Projets d’Application étude (PAe), recherche (PAr) et industriel (Pai) (2nd year student works), from 2011 onwards
  • Travaux de fin d’études (TFE) (3rd year student works), from 2009 onwards

To help you write your report, consult the toolbox (document models, advice and tips...) (in French).
Please also find the deposit procedure (in French).

Researchers and doctorate students: deposit and give added value to your scientific production

The electronic thesis deposit is mandatory for PhD students at the École Centrale de Lyon since 2003.

Consult the deposit procedure. We also offer tools and advice to write your thesis (in French).

For any question regarding the deposit and distribution of your thesis: contact

Researcher scientific publications and open archives

The library subscribes to the Open Access movement by helping the scientific community of the school to use the open archive HAL – Hyper Articles en Ligne (Online Hyper Articles) - and by frequently raising awareness with the researchers.

Discover how to deposit in HAL (in French). Consult ECL publications in HAL.

In order to learn more about HAL and Open Access (in French)

For any question regarding HAL and open archives: contact