Deposit procedure

A thesis paper should be deposited at the scolarité office (studies office) thesis service, within 3 months of its defense.

You must bring the following documents to the scolarité office in order to obtain your diploma certificate:

In order to deposit your file, you have two possibilities:

The deposited thesis paper must be the final version, integrating the corrections requested by the jury and the electronic document must conform to the printed copy.

Please bear in mind that the electronic deposit of your thesis is mandatory, even if it is confidential. In that case, it will not be distributed but only archived.

After thesis deposit

Your thesis will be accessible on several websites depending on choices you've made:

Theses disseminate schema

In order to learn more on the actual course of your thesis at the ECL, and on the official texts pertaining to doctorates, please consult the intranet research section (logged in mode)

For informations pertaining to the writing of the thesis and bibliographic references, the different thesis research tools and other useful link, please consult the ‘Toolbox’ page.